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custom order for Thiago Rossi

Regular price $598.55 Sale

Slab mold Eclipse 12.5in L X 6in W X 5in H  with clear lid - 75$

Custom: Clear slab 14X12.5X5Deep with dividers (hdpe sides) (130.55) + extra clear sides without slots (60$) + clear lid (30$)

Slab mold HDPE 10.5X10.5X4.5Deep with clear lid - 75$

Soap mold classic 10X4X4.5Deep with Clear lid - 43$

Clear Soap mold 12.5X8X4.5Deep with clear lid - 110$

Slab mold HDPE 9in L X 9in W X 4.5in H + clear lid  - 75$

Total: 578.55$