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We at CustomCraftTools are driven by our passion to create high quality, innovative soap making tools. Each item is manufactured In-house, meaning we don’t do business with second-party manufacturers. Every mold or cutter is 100% designed and produced by hand in our workshop in Charleston, South Carolina

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Soap mold angler
Soap mold Angler "Cheshire Cat"
  • $42.33
Kaleidoscope Soap Shaper by LoveYourSuds / 11" Tall D2.75 Round Mold
  • From $19.00
Soap mold with silicone liner
  • From $89.55
18'' LARGE Heavy Duty CLEAR Soap Mold
  • From $88.55
Single wire soap cutter "Polaris"
  • $203.55
“Goliath” Slab soap mold with silicone liner
  • From $275.00
Circular mold
  • $53.55
Clear soap mold with silicone liner
  • From $128.55

Orange Clay Swirl Soap Making | Chopstick Swirl by Holly's Soapmaking - Kapia Mera

Featuring "ARIUM" soap mold and "HERCULES" cutting station


Test flight of our mold with custom made logo mat by Ariane Arsenault

Request custom mat with your logo